Who I Am

I'm a giant nerd originally from Pittsburgh, PA! For years I've been getting excited about the latest geeky stuff and learning to build everything inspired by fantasy and science fiction. After fiddling around with programming and web design since middle school I went to college for Electrical Engineering where I specialized in robotics. At RIT myself and three friends were the test subjects for the Master of Science focus in robotics and I graduated with BS and MS degrees in 2011. From there I jumped into the aerospace industry for a few years and helped test and model hydraulic aircraft flight controls! Lately I've been working in the wearable sensor space making Blast Sensors for the government and having a great time doing it.

When I'm not making things, which is increasingly rare, I enjoy writing and tinkering around in game engines like Unity and Unreal. I've always been strongly motivated by story, particularly in the sci-fi and fantasy genres, so I try to scratch that itch as much as I can. As somebody who has had the privilege of getting to see so much cutting edge technology in his career, I've come to recognize that the fantastic is not nearly so out of reach as we imagine, and whether my tools are art or engineering I want to close the gap between story and reality.


What I do

I'm what some parts of industry call a Systems Engineer. Not the kind that works on databases and massive intranets. I'm the kind of engineer that balances electrical, mechanical, and software engineering disciplines and tries to bring a complex system together. Be it a robot, an aircraft, a wearable blast sensor, or the business that is making those things, my goal is to understand the basic components of those systems and hammer them together so they work in the long haul.


Schematic Capture, Simulation, Layout, Embedded Programming


Solid Modeling, Drawings, Mechatronics, Controls


Algorithm Development, Protocol Stacks, Mobile Development


Interface Design, System Modeling, Verification and Validation, Continuous Devellopment

The biggest problem I face professionally is my experience is broad...very broad. To become a reasonably competent systems engineer I spent years developing software, got my BS and MS in electrical engineering, took a job as a mechanical test engineer, and worked to manage projects and improve the way the businesses I was in operate. That's a lot of stuff, and it's reasonable for an industry used to specialists to be skeptical of this kind of broad experience. So the hope here is to provide context. Below are concrete examples of all the skills I've acquired on my journey as a systems engineer. It's too much to contain in a resume, but I hope it gives people interested in me professionally a point of reference to understand how I can help them bring their ideas to life.

What I've Done Recently